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With nearly 100 years of experience combined as Canberra Barristers Canberra Solicitors, we have consistently achieved outstanding results without losing sight of the fact that it’s the personal touch that we offer to our clients that makes us “more than just a typical law firm” as as Canberra Barristers Canberra Solicitors. Canberra Law firms are normally stuck in the past but at Maxwell & Co. Canberra Barristers ACT Solicitors we understand that the legal service Canberra market is changing. Not only can we say “we get it”, but we love the challenge of delivering traditional Canberra Barristers ACT Solicitors legal services in a progressive and innovative way.

Our services include:

  • Canberra Conveyancing
  • Canberra Wills, Estate Planning & Probate
  • Canberra Personal Injury Litigation
  • Canberra Family Law
  • Canberra Migration Law
  • Canberra Commercial Disputes
  • Canberra Estate Litigation